Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hi Blog

Hi Blog,

I have been ignoring you for almost a year....
For what reason? It's not about busy in work... It's about the life stages that I have come to...

When we were young... We want people to know about us.. Listen to us.. Understand our feelings...
When we have grown up... People want us to listen to them.. Understand them.. And we have loss our freedom of expressing ourselves..

I would rather be a listener than a speaker.. Speakers exposed themselves to others, people judge speakers by the way they talk, things that they said...
A listener is totally a different scenario... Listener lend the ears to the speakers, it makes people think that the listener is someone who understand them, know their feelings... People tend to have lesser negative judgement for the listeners because the listeners are always the 'good man'...
Listeners don't talk non-sense, listeners talk when it's the time to talk...
They talk with sense, with feelings and pinpoint...!!

Dear blog,

I'll be back again somedays....
I hope it is not too late to write on you about me...
I do miss you Blog... That's why I'm here today..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Accept The Fact

Time flies, human grows, things change...
All the time, we could not accept the fact that thing has changed..
Same goes to parents. They will forever treat you as their little girl and little boy.

They expect you to do things they wanted you to;
but they have forgotten that you have grown up..
They think that you will forever listen to their orders;
but they have forgotten that you have your right to say..
They think that you will forever stay in their arms;
but they have forgotten that you will have your own life someday..
They want you to be the same as the day they got you;
but they have forgotten that you are not the same as they knew you..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little respect

'Mr Frown' and 'Mr Furious' have been following me since I'm back.
I miss the 'Mr Gentle' and 'Mr Smile' who used to follow me when I was freely wandering in my fairy tale land - London.

I just need a little respect from you all.
Respect!!! Is the only thing I want. Stop shouting at me!! Please talk gently, it doesn't make any difference if you shout. However, it might be better to talk in a gentle way because it will not break my heart!! I'm sick of this. Am I making the right choice to come home??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delays... The internet in Malaysia is terrible!!
I did not understand why I have to pay so much for the internet but getting any better services!!
Ok. Forget about it..
I'm Back on the 5th but went to China for business trip on 9th and back again to Malaysia on 15th..
So far, I have met few friends and have little gathering session..

First was meeting KarJun and Sinzi.... yam cha at Pappa Rich Kuchai Lama..
The second gathering was having dinner with SiewWen at Purple Cane in Gardens..

I hope there will be more gathering sessions in the coming weeks......!!! =D

Monday, October 04, 2010

Last moment in London

I still remember 2 years back, I did the same thing..
Carrying my heavy bags to the airport... For a 'long trip'..
And now, I am carrying my heavy bags to the airport.. I'm coming home...
I thought of a phrase.. 学成归来.. After years of 修炼..
Now, I'm coming back home..

Bye London... Bye to all my dear friends...
PeiLi, thanks for accommodating me in your house these few days.. And I'm very happy to have a friend like you.. YOU ROCKS!! =D

Besides, just a few days back.. Meeting a primary friend..
10 years ago, we hang out together everyday..
For the past 10 years I have been finding the lost contacts..
And, I found you.. Happy meeting you in London..
This will be the best memory we will have for the next 10 years.. haha..
Thanks for bringing me to the badminton session which made my body ache..!!
Hey you sexy, take care!! I will be missing you.. Come back to Malaysia for holiday someday..
We can have big gathering when you are back!! =)
A friend who got a same surname as mine.. Even the spelling is the same.... Low VS Low!! =)